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This page links you to other interesting websites relating to the village of Competa, Nerja, Malaga, the Axarquia (the region), Andalusia, (the most southern provence in Spain). You will also find information regarding weather and Spanish wines. gives general information about Competa. It also tells us about the early history of Competa dating back to the conquest of Velez-Malaga in 1487 and its Moorish origins.
There is also general information and useful telephone numbers relating to present day activities; including Competa, Nerja, Malaga the Axarquia, and Andalucia.

Blueberry used to have some nice information about Competa but this site is now allready some time under construction. Check for yourself at: gives about 1200 pages of information about Andalusia with 'everything you wish to know about culture, geography and economy of the fascinating region of Andalucia. is a comprehensive guide to Spanish wines and further information regarding unique Andalusian wines can be found here.

Yahoo! Gives current weather conditions in Spain, region by region. There is also a forecast for four days which can be useful if you are planning something special. has a well prepared collection with beautiful and romantic images of Andalucia.



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