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Andalusia is the second largest region in Spain and mirrors Arab influences in this popular architecture more than any other region.

The white washed walls reflect the beautiful sunlight in the hot summer playing a dance of light and shade on doors, windows and walls. Common features are the decorative colours of the facings and tiles and the details of the balconies, grilles and tiles are especially magnificent against the white surfaces.
Al Hambra The region is renowned for it's muscatel grape and the infamous Vino de Competa. For this reason the routes through the villages are named 'The Route of the Wine'. This takes you through the villages of Torrox, Algarrobo, Sayalonga, Competa, Canillais de Albaida, Nerja and Frigliana. To the north of this Provence of Malaga lies the Provence of Granada.

Provence of Granada. Further east there is a beautiful stretch of coastline with cliffs and small bays as well as wide well cared for beaches. The hillsides are dotted with vines and small farm houses where they harvest the wine such as the Vino de Competa whose fame dates back to Roman times.

The region has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, even February and November can resemble the best summer days to be found in northern Europe.

. There are approximately nine months of perfect weather for walking /hiking/riding. This leaves July and August which are hot (an average of 30 degrees) although being 650 meters above sea level, this is often tempered with mountain breeze. The annual rainfall is low. Andalusia is said to be the least polluted region in Southern Europe.

This picturesque house and view can be seen during
walking in Andalucia.



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